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Are we going to have a stress epidemic or have we hit it already? We seem to move faster than ever before due to demand, need and admittedly technology, but it’s taking a toll on our minds and body. For those of you (like me) who work long hours, continue to work or do household chores when you get home, socialise or work on the weekend, it sometimes feels like we’re in a race, but for what? Is it success, love, money? I’m not sure. We are deemed successful, entrepreneurial, hard-working, workaholics with full lives and so much going on. We have the world at our feet, right? Yes to a certain extent, we must be grateful for the life we have, but deep down we are stressed out.

If you’re like me, I enjoy being busy, working hard, socialising and working towards my goals. Even if that means working day, night and weekends. I enjoy it. Sitting down and writing this I’m enjoying every minute. However when i think about it, I have several posts to write alongside a never ending to-do list. There’s not enough hours in the day. A few weeks ago i found myself staring at the celling on my bed feeling slightly delusional. I was exhausted and I had hit a brick wall. I know I’m not alone. We can overwork ourselves and if we just take a step back for a moment, are we really enjoying the process of what we are doing or the moments we are living? I had to remind myself I am a human being, not a robot. At this point I was thinking back to the last time I just let my mind and body relax. I would love you to do it too and comment below what was that moment?

The last time for me was the weekend of the 29th April when I was invited to spend a weekend at the Hampshire court Hotel in Basingstoke with my blogger gals Mona and Jamie, you can read Mona’s post here and Jamie’s here. It was one of the best girls weekends i’ve had in ages. It was time to unwind and take time out of daily busy lives. It was an incredible experience, continue reading to find out why.

We arrived on the Saturday and was warmly greeted by the staff who looked after us so well during our stay. We started the first day with a yummy lunch, whilst chatting and laughing about life. Those little moments we take for granted. We spend so many hours a day glued to our phone screens, we don’t spend enough time talking in person, laughing and away from our phones. It felt good and so refreshing to spend quality time with like-minded women.

After this, we posed and pouted for some blog and Instagram pictures (of course, this is what happens when bloggers come together) in their beautiful courtyard.

When we’re busy, we always grab food on the go or snack because we have to eat whenever we get the chance. So it was an absolute luxury to eat so well all day at the hotel. The food at dinner was honestly exceptional and the service was amazing.

The first night ended with a girls night in film and treats courtesy of the hotel, part of the Q Hotel Group. To indulge and escape daily life via film was just what we needed.

We were all in a food coma by the end of the day, so we couldn’t wait to get back to our rooms and sleep. The rooms at Hampshire Court Hotel are very home like, so if you like feeling cosy you’d love it. The bed was so comfortable I didn’t want to get up.

Day two was our spa treatments with Espa. After our buffet breakfast we went down to the spa to have our treatments. I have to be totally honest, they were down on staff that day so they had moved my appointment two hours later than expected but without communicating this beforehand, so i had to wait for my appointment. This was fine though as they had facilities like the Sauna and pool to relax, so i spent my time there. When I finally had my deep tissue massage treatment, I was in heaven! The treatment was beautiful and i felt beyond relaxed after it.

Looking back at this trip I realise how important it is to take time out for yourself. The feeling of your mind unwinding and body resting is something we should all seek to do on a regular basis because we put our mind and bodies through so much stress on a daily basis. I can’t (ironically) stress this enough, if you don’t make time for yourself you will regret it one day. Take a step back every now and then and enjoy the moments in life before they pass you by. Is stress at work really worth your own health and sanity? No it’s not so look after yourself. Now i need to take my own advice and do so too. It’s hard if you’re one of those people I described at the beginning of this post, but as long as you do it every now and then it’s better than nothing.

Here is some of my little favourites I took away with me.

I’d recommend The Hampshire Court Hotel if you’re looking for a spa break not too far away from London, reasonable pricing and wanting a homely feel. You can view the hotels offers here.

You can watch my vlog of the trip below or over on my YouTube channel.

Huge thank you to Mona and Jamie for a wonderful time and the hotel for amazing service.



  1. MonaLisa adli July 31, 2017 / 7:48 am

    Awww take me back! Hopefully another girls trip will be on the cards for us soon! Great post babe! Xxx

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