The LVL (length, volume & lift) treatment has been widely discussed in the beauty industry since it launched. In case you haven’t heard of the phenomenon, it is a natural lash lift that enhances your natural lashes by curling and tinting them to give you the look of lifted, voluminous lashes with length.
6 weeks ago I was invited to the Lash Perfect Bar in Soho for a ‘Lash Perfect Lift’, a natural lash lift that instantly lifts and curls the lashes, giving the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes, without the tint.
The lashes are lifted from the base of the lash line, unlike other perming or lifting treatments which usually curl from the central section of the lash. This provides more lift and ensures a long-lasting effect, the claim is it should last for 8 weeks, after that you’ll need a top up. The lifting effect of the treatment naturally enhances the thickness of the lash and gives a more defined appearance.
You begin the lash lift process with a patch test 48 hours before the treatment. They sent me one to test on myself at home for ease. It was so simple to use! I tested two different chemicals with a cotton bud behind my ear to check I could go ahead with the treatment. I was absolutely fine. I’ll be honest, i was apprehensive about having this done because I wasn’t really sure what to expect, which is one of the reasons i wanted to write this blog post, to share my experience with you so that you know what to expect if you have or want it done.
When I arrived at the salon, I was greeted by a really friendly lash technician who asked me to lay down on my back on an elevated bed. The first step was to cleanse my eyes before starting the procedure to ensure all makeup was removed.
We discussed what type of curl I should have, you could go from a C Curl to J Curl, in other words it was a small, medium or large. She recommended a medium curl for a more natural lift to the lashes.
After this, the technician then placed pads under my eyes to protect my lower lashes. Moving on on to the curling process. From this point onwards your eyes are shut now until the treatment is finished.
The solution is added and your lashes are wrapped around  shield along with rod to make them stick.
It’s a very strange sensation having your eyelashes pulled up and around. I actually loved the feeling! The technician chatted away to me whilst we waited for the product to do it’s magic for 15-20 minutes.
The lash lady removed all the product using a cotton bud. Your eyes will feel a little tender, but when you open them you will find curled, separated lashes with a silky appearance. Divine!
The treatment takes 30-45 minutes in total.
Phenomenal! I now have a new addiction. My lashes are naturally quite straight with an ever so slight curl at the tips, therefore I have always had to curl them with eyelash curlers before applying mascara and separate them with a brush after mascara application every morning. After this treatment I haven’t needed to curl them or separate them, mascara goes on nicely and my lashes look even longer. It’s been six weeks since I had the treatment, they have slightly dropped now but still look great! I can’t recommend the Lash Perfect Bar enough. Prices range from £25 – £55. I’m so pleased with them and I cannot wait for my top up in two weeks.
Lashes with mascara after lift 
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