My first memory of drinking Malibu Rum was sitting in the local park on a hot summer’s day with my friends. Admittedly I was around 16, technically illegal (ssshhh don’t tell anyone!) Just to clarify this post is not sponsored by Malibu and they or I do not condone underage drinking, but if we’re honest here, who doesn’t test the waters before the legal age of 18 in the UK? Or maybe this was just my friends and I? From this day forward a Pina Colada was one of my favourite drinks. Effectively I’ve grown up on this drink! Fast forward 8 years, I found myself sipping Pina Coladas and partying in Ibiza last week with Malibu. Oh how times change?

The Malibu team kindly took Sophie, Paige and I for a girls trip away to Ibiza to celebrate their #BecauseSummer campaign and be immersed in the brand. Safe to say I couldn’t wait for what was to come and i was not disappointed.

Wearing PLT Silver Wedges & Motel Rocks Co Ord

It only hit me when I stepped off the British Airways plane. I felt this overwhelming rush of happiness and excitement. I couldn’t believe I was in Ibiza with Malibu! All I kept thinking was pinch me now, pinch me now, actually someone punch me, am I really here?

Since 2012, Malibu has been sponsors of Ibiza Rocks, the perfect fit for a fun, young and colourful brand, bringing the ultimate cocktails to one of the coolest places to party in Ibiza.

I just want to say this now. I was not asked to write this post or paid to do so either, I simply want to share my experience with you all and document one of the most unreal experiences I’ve had to date in my life. So keep reading if you want to find out what we got up to.


On the other side, we was picked up by the lovely Nick who took us everywhere during our stay, I believe the company we used was couldn’t recommend them enough if you’re going to Ibiza, so accommodating and efficient. We stayed at Pikes Hotel, a boutique hotel in San Antonio. Yet again another place I recommend, if you’re looking for a nice place to stay in Ibiza. It was a small hotel, but very cute and plush furnishings. It wasn’t far from the strip but far enough that you wasn’t in the middle of all the craziness. The hotel has regular events on, so it’s the perfect place for a more exclusive hideout party vibe. But the hotel did have a quiet area so dependent on what you preferred they could accommodate your sleeping arrangements. We stayed in room number 9 that was kitted out with epic furnishings like LED lights, unusual monkey lamps, cute wall art as you can see in the pictures below. All rooms slightly differed in décor from what I could see, but this made the place feel unique, special and super quirky. In addition, if you’re a blogger/photographer you would love the hotel surroundings, there was plenty of places around the hotel to capture amazing content. Sophie, Paige and I couldn’t get enough and here are some of the pictures to show you.

After check in, we of course had our first Malibu Pina Colada of the day on the rooftop.

In the evening we head over to Cafe Mambo for a beautiful dinner by the sea with the Malibu team, Kenny aka #foreheadontour, I promise this has a meaning behind it. If you look at his Instagram, you will think he takes really shit selfies, but really he is just taking pictures of his large forehead whilst he’s travelling. Brilliant idea! We also spent our time with Jamie, aka cool PR guy/wet t-shirt contest winner and Vicki, the Pina Colada social queen. It was a great group. We watched FatBoy Slim play into the sunset until we needed our bed.


The next day, Sophie and I woke up early to take pictures by the pool and surroundings whilst no one was about. Tactics!

Coral Bandage Bikini from PLT

Unfortunately my friend Paige, was suffering with her Crohn’s, bless her so she was sleeping it off in her room. After all the pictures it was finally time to stop breathing in and eat some food. Pikes had a great selection of breakfast to choose from. We opted for continental on day 1 but slowly made our way through the whole menu whilst we were there. If you stay here, please get the avocado on toast with poached egg, it was so tasty.

Every girl needs a good hairdo and makeup that doesn’t sweat off during a pool party, so after breakfast we head over to the Blowout Ibiza Salon, a makeup & hair service on demand. It’s not only a salon, but a mobile service so you can hit them before a day/night out or even after a night out when you need a pick me up! The stylists were amazing and it was so nice to be pool party ready and not have to do a thing! I opted for space buns with half up and half down, whilst Sophie had cute plaits and waves in her hair. it genuinely lasted all day and night!

Wearing Missy Empire Rose Gold Wedges

After this we were ready for some content time, so we picked up Paige who was looking rather amazing considering she was sick and we head to Ibiza Rocks to shoot some content. We shot content by giant coconut and the Malibu Rum Shack.

Silver Bandage Bikini PLT

Moving on to the craziest pool party I’ve ever been to, Elrow Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks. It was one that I can only describe as a human zoo. You will see more of this in my vlog when it’s live, I will embed it in this post when it’s live. If you haven’t been to an Elrow party before then you are missing out in life. The party is known for its crazy props from elephant hats to swimming floats, banana boats and rainbow confetti. During the party we drank Malibu with pineapple juice or Cranberry from Coconut cups, which I have to admit goes down all too easily! It’s such an easy summer drink, with such a sweet taste, right up my street.

Glitter booty’s was on our agenda before we went to Ibiza. Paige, Sophie and i was WhatsApping each other lots of glitter bottoms before Ibiza. My friend Sophie, who has an exclusive range with The Gypsy Shrine face (I mean how epic is that?) made sure she got us a slot on the day to get this done. Why? Because we’re doing it for the gram or unless you’re my Nan I told her it was trending so I had to do it! Not the most practical form of glitter, as we couldn’t sit down, wipe our bottoms or even pee comfortably. But it made great Instagram content and it was so much fun.

Of course in true blogger style, we spent about an hour taking shots of our bottoms. Poor Vicky from the Malibu team probably has never spent so long looking at ladies derrieres.

We went on a hat mission because Sophie was set on getting an Elephant one, but we all ended up with the below instead aka shit hats. You can watch it on Paige’s vlog.

In addition to an unbelievable day, Malibu was so unbelievably kind and decided to make our dreams come true and extend our stay so we could see Craig David at Ibiza Rocks. We all squealed with excitement when we were told the news! We had more to look forward to.

In the evening we went to one of my favourite clubs in Ibiza Amnesia. We casually popped into the VIP lounge to start off with some Absolut Vodka cocktails that just tasted like lemonade and lime, yum! After this we were escorted to our table with a view of the club #UNREAL to dance the night away to Sigma and Chase and Status.


After a fairly late night it was fair to say we struggled to open our eyes the next day, but we had the excitement of a boat trip ahead to wake us up. We arrived on Captain Cy Kelly’s boat who was taking us to a little island called Formentra to have lunch at Juan Y Andrea on the beach, ride Jet Ski’s and swim with unicorns, flamingos and mermaids, aka our inflatables.

Rainbow Bikini from Boo Hoo

After a fun day out, we decided to head back as the skies turned a very dark grey and it started to rain. We were in Ibiza yet the UK weather followed us. However no one expected what was to come, not even Cy, owner of the boat, event production agency Made Up and Blowout Ibiza.

We got caught in the Ibiza Storm.

Ironically we were there to celebrate Malibu’s #BecauseSummer campaign, which was going so well up until this point. None of us knew we would be in the middle of the sea fighting the crashing waves. At first we were coping and making jokes, until cupboards below deck came off and drinks flew off the boat and we were getting soaked on deck by the waves which I saw go over the boat at certain points. Cy and Kenny didn’t tell us until we got to shore, but at that point even they looked at each other and worried. I did have a cry and a panick attack which is very unlike me, but all I kept thinking is I can’t swim, we’re going to drown in the boat, I even saw the newspaper headlines in my head. It was like a scene out of the Pirates of the Caribbean, you couldn’t pay money for that experience! The Malibu team were amazing, they decided to play ‘Ain’t Giving Up On You’ By Craig David and ‘We Are Family’ by Sister Sledge just for LOL’s. To be fair, this eased the fear and we all sang together, more to see in my vlog. So glad I had Sophie and Paige as we comforted each other. Huge thanks to Cy who saved us with epic driving skills.

After an eventful day we were all looking for a place to chill and have some dinner. I think we all secretly needed time to reflect on the day and be grateful for being alive! We went to a restaurant that was a converted church. I wish i took the name down, it was so amazing!


We spent the last day at Pikes Hotel, had some fun and created some cool pool content for Malibu with our inflatables.

Seeing Craig David live at Ibiza Rocks was the cherry on the cake! It was incredible. He was unreal. I recommend seeing him if you’re in Ibiza!

Not to mention he messaged Sophie back on Instagram after she tagged him in her IG stories. We now just need him to sing at Sophie’s wedding! #GETCRAIGTOSOPHIESWEDDING


I feel nostalgic already writing this post! It was genuinely one of the best trips I have ever been on in my life and i feel so grateful and blessed to have been taken. I’ve always loved Malibu, but I feel so immersed in the brand now I love it even more! It’s great to see brands collaborating with bloggers who embody the brand, Sophie, Paige and I are so colourful, live for the summer and love to have fun and this is exactly what Malibu stands for. This is why we have created so much content! It was an experience I will never ever forget and can’t thank everyone (Vicky, Kenny and Jamie) who made the trip so special. Huge thank you to my Powerpuff Girls, Sophie & Paige, it was such a blessing to meet you both through blogging. Life really does work in magical unicorn ways.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Leave me a comment below if you did. I will be posting a vlog on my YouTube channel later this week so subscribe here and my Ibiza lookbook (including all the links to some of the outfits featured in this post) will be live next week on my blog.

Lots of love,





  1. Siobhan August 17, 2017 / 8:06 am

    Wow wow wow!! It sounds like you had the most incredible time. I’ve heard so many great things about Pikes and the Elrow party is just eeeeeeekkkk.

    Trip of a lifetime or what?!

    Loved reading about what you all got up to!

    Big Love,


  2. Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN August 17, 2017 / 8:31 am

    Wowzers! What an epic trip!!! I have been loving the content on Instagram, so it’s fabulous to read the story behind it. Heading Ibiza next year and have totes made note of this gorgeous hotel.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN

  3. Gary thompson August 17, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    Charlotte I love this blog post wowww I can tell you worked major hard on it. Its so hard writing posts when you come off holiday specially a press one like this!! It looked epic xx

  4. Imogen August 17, 2017 / 10:13 pm

    Awww Charlotte I literally love everything about this post. #foreheadontour made me LOL! You soph and Paige look absolutely incredible! I can’t believe after Paige getting sick she managed to pull off looking as fabulous as she did she looked incredible! Yours and Sophie’s hair after having blowout do you up looked insane too! You three are totally my inspiration lately. Fab bloggers who really show lots of positivity xxx Imogen

  5. Stacie August 18, 2017 / 7:03 am

    Such an amazing post Charlotte! You look like you had the most FABULOUS time. Laughed at how the glitter bootys were actually really uncomfortable but soooo instagrammable 👌🏻 I would NOT Have coped in that storm. You go girl 🙌🏻 I’m really in the mood for a Malibu now at 8am…thanks for that 😂😂 xxx

  6. Nancy August 18, 2017 / 8:07 am

    couldnt wait to read this post after seeing the insta stories.
    This is definitely a trip of a life time and the pictures look amazing. You got the best pieces to wear on the holiday.
    So glad you had fun.
    Lippie 💋

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