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Are you looking for a credible Life Coach to speak at your event, or deliver an online webinar or offline workshop? You’ve come to the right place. Charlotte has spoken on many panels, presented in front of hundreds of people, hosted student University seminars and partnered with brands for online webinars or live Q&As.Charlotte uses personal development and positive psychology tools and techniques to provoke the audience’s thoughts and involve them with practical exercises. She speaks with clarity, passion and wisdom, leaving the room feeling empowered, excited and inspired.
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    Brand coaching

    The world of work has changed significantly! More people are working from home, many more people are prioritising their mental health and wellness, and people are seeking meaning and purpose from the companies they work for. It’s no longer enough just to get promoted. Employees want to feel empowered, supported and nurtured. Coaching creates high performance! Retain the top and develop the next generation of leaders.

    Traditional organisations are losing out because they’re not investing in the wellness and personal development of their staff. So if you’re a business or brand looking for a coach or mentor to take your employees to the next level? Charlotte is here to help.

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      Content creation

      Charlotte is an online content creator/influencer with a reach of more than 30,000 women across her social media platforms. With over a decade of experience working in brand marketing, digital, content, influencer and social media strategy, Charlotte has a unique insight of seeing things from a brand, influencer and coaching perspective, with a 360 multi channel marketing approach.

      Charlotte has built a community of women who are real, raw and honest

      her through content, communication, connection and community. If you have a brand campaign you’d like Charlotte to be involved in or would like to discuss consulting or collaboration,

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        Charlotte can help you in other areas too