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Success looks different for every woman. Together we will create your own version of success. Whether you’re looking to change your career or set up the business you’ve dreamt of. Charlotte coaches Mums in business and ambitious women to step outside of their comfort zone, realise their potential and become the CEO of their own lives. Charlotte is passionate about helping women believe in themselves, to change their career with confidence and better their life in business.

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    Build a business

    • Have you ever dreamt of having your own business, but don’t know where to begin?
    • Are you a Mum who wants to build her business on maternity leave?
    • Are you in a career you hate & want to build a business?
    • Are you a Mum who wants more flexibility with her work?
    • Do you have a limiting self belief to set up a business?
    • Do you lack confidence in your business decisions?
    • You’ve got a business idea but you lack confidence & self belief?
    • Do you want to work from home & impact lives?
    • Do you want personal and business social media success?

    If you don’t act now, will you ever change?

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      Create a career

      • Stuck in a career, but lack the confidence to take the next step?
      • Do you want a promotion, but your negative self talk stops you from going for it?
      • Do you want to change careers, but don’t know how?
      • Don’t know what you want to do in life, but you know you’re destined for more?
      • Do you want to have a career that is aligned with your values?

      If you stay where you are, will you regret it?

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        Success looks like this for these women

        Francesca Pritchard

        "I approached Charlotte as I was struggling with starting a business. I wanted to be self employed and have my own business for as long as I can remember, but I felt like I had a block that I just couldn’t overcome on my own. Charlotte gave me the tools I needed to push past the obstacles that previously held me back. Such as lack of confidence, self sabotage and self belief. She ultimately helped me get out of my comfort zone. She gave me so much support and I really felt like I had a hand to hold throughout the whole process of launching my business. Charlotte has a way of making you feel very relaxed and at ease. I felt confident talking openly with her & there was no judgement. I looked forward to our fortnightly zoom calls. She has such a positive attitude and a great wealth of knowledge."

        Sotira Georgiou

        I didn’t know what to expect before I started coaching sessions with Charlotte but with her help, we quickly identified areas of my life that I felt needed my attention, which was my career and professional development. This set me on a journey to overcome self-doubt, restore my confidence and recognise what I really was good at. In turn this has helped me to get onto the right path. I’ve now moved into a role in an industry that is perfect for me. Through these sessions Charlotte taught me that Coaching is all about breaking things down, overcoming short term obstacles and changing my mindset in order to get to where I want to be, whether it be next week, next month or in 5 years time.

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