Confidence & body image

Does this sound like you?

  • I turn the lights off when I’m having sex 
  • I don’t want my partner to see me naked in broad daylight 
  • I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my body 
  • I love the body positive movement, but I can’t join in 
  • I hate the way my body looks 
  • I lack confidence to do the things I want to do in life 
  • I’m not capable of achieving things 
  • I don’t deserve to have more in life 
  • I shrink myself to suit others 
  • I struggle to speak up 
  • I speak negatively to myself 
  • I try to be someone to ‘fit in’
  • I struggle to show up in a room as my true self 
  • I can’t get changed in front of people 
  • I compare my body to other women’s 
  • I give myself a hard time for the way i look 

Grow in confidence

So, you want to be more confident? We can achieve that. But here’s the thing.
I have to share this secret about confidence with you. People think confidence is a feeling. It is, but it’s temporary. Have you ever felt so pumped and confident before a job interview or a date? But afterwards you feel deflated, start second guessing yourself, replaying the scene in your head and become hyper critical of yourself? You’re not alone, this is what I call the confidence pyramid. You start at the top, but end up at the bottom where you started off, because of the negative self talk, hyper criticism and not feeling good enough. We do this a lot during life.

How do we really gain confidence? We learn confidence as a skill. Yes it’s a skillset.
To learn more about this and how you can increase your confidence in whatever area you’re lacking confidence in, get in touch! We can build you up from the bottom or transform you at the top.

I want confidence

    Accept my body

    So you’ve spent years hating what you see in the mirror and you can't help but compare yourself to other women on social media? We can change that together.

    A negative body image may also lead to low self-esteem, which can affect so many areas in your life and cause issues. Through coaching we will establish the relationship you have with your body & where it comes from. We will use tangible tools and techniques to help you change your belief systems and focus on accepting the body you’re in. After all it’s the home you live in all your life. You cannot love the skin or body you’re in, if you haven’t done the work on your mind.

    Show me the way

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