Baby is important, but make time for Mummy too!

The truth is, everyone focuses on the baby and forgets about you. This is why I created the Mummy Mentorship, a tailored coaching and mentoring programme for postpartum Mums or Mums-to-be, to help you navigate your new world. Motherhood is an intense range of emotions, so in love and happy, yet so lonely, tired and overwhelmed. Having a baby is a major life adjustment. When a baby is born, the Mother is also born. But you’re left to figure it out and it’s overwhelming! Sometimes it feels impossible to cope, especially with sleep deprivation. You may have people around you, but it still feels lonely.

Does this sound like you?

  • Lost your identity becoming a Mum?
  • Need help navigating this full-time job called Motherhood?
  • Struggling to accept your postpartum body?
  • Relationship conflict with your partner?
  • Single Mum needing guidance & support?
  • Lacking confidence going back to work?
  • Need to find your purpose after having children?
  • Want to get your life back after birth trauma, baby blues, or postnatal depression/anxiety?
  • Feeling lonely and don’t know where to turn?
  • Want to know how to manage Mum's guilt?
  • How to juggle ‘it all’?
  • Struggling to stay positive during pregnancy?
  • Fear, worry, and anxiety are dampening your pregnancy experience?
  • Are you hiding your emotions, your pain, your struggle with a smile?
  • Don’t know how to be intimate with my partner after having a baby

You’re not alone Mamas. I’ve been there.

I had the worries and fears during pregnancy. I battled with postnatal depression, following a traumatic 90 hour labour and several visits back to the hospital because of my c-section infecion. I struggled to cope and accept my postpartum body. I lost my identity. I didn’t know how to navigate this major life change. I felt like I was walking through never-ending fog.


I’ve found myself through Motherhood. I’ve found a way to juggle work and my baby. I know how to manage Mum guilt. I’ve dealt with the trauma and accepted my postpartum Mum tum. It’s not been an easy journey, but I feel with my personal experience, coaching and mentoring skills, I can help you through whatever you need to get through.

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    Mums mental health matters!

    Postpartum is really hard for so many Mums. I soon realised after my own traumatic birth experience and post-natal depression, there is a HUGE lack of support and guidance when you become a new Mum. I believe this is why the statistics for maternal mental health are high. "70% of new and expectant mums experienced mental ill-health during or after pregnancy."  This is why I’m deeply passionate about supporting Mums during pregnancy, during the foggy 4th trimester and early motherhood.

    I can help!

    As a credible women’s Life Coach, Level 2 Award in Mental Health, and a mastering positive psychology course under my belt, plus my own personal experience. I can help you overcome the challenges, to think, feel, and act better.

    Through 1:1 or group coaching. I’m offering programs to coach and mentor you through your Mum worries and challenges. And I will hold your hand through it.

    1:1 Mummy mentorship

    Charlotte is here to coach, mentor, and support you through one of the toughest times in your life. We’ll get out of the trenches together.

    • 1:1 coaching and mentoring with Charlotte
    • 12-week course
    • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions (dependent on what you need)
    • Personalised coaching plan - focusing on the issues & areas you need results in
    • Accountability & taking action! Without this, coaching doesn’t work. Charlotte will follow up consistently to ensure you’re moving forward
    • 24-hour online personal support
    • Down-to-earth visualisation practices
    • Free resources i.e. how to gain confidence, releasing self-criticism, and more
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      Mummy mind bootcamp

      You hear a lot of Mums speak about getting their ‘body back’ postpartum, but what about our minds? It’s equally or even more important to work on this postpartum! This group training course will be the full Mummy mindset challenge you need to get you feeling good again

      • 12-week group coaching course
      • 12 live weekly Mummy Mindset calls with Charlotte (value £2,000)
      • 12 live weekly PT sessions (value £600), plus FREE mindset, workouts & nutrition book
      • Mental health, mindset and motivation text messages
      • Access to private Facebook group - meet like-minded Mums going through the same as you
      • Experts & key opinion leaders invited to speak on particular topics to help you through it
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        The results?

        • You are the CEO of your life and your family!
        • Better balance
        • Making time for you
        • Finding yourself and identity
        • Managing your emotions better
        • A clear & confident Mummy Mindset
        • Take care of you & postpartum body acceptance
        • Clarity and control over your family life
        • Clear on your vision & goals

        Charlotte can help you in other areas too