What is life coaching?

Imagine this you’re standing in front of a mirror looking at yourself. You can’t see yourself from another perspective unless you have another mirror. I’m your other mirror. I help you to see yourself and your challenges in life, from a different angle, with a positive approach. I will mirror your language back to you, increasing your self-awareness. This is the first step to making huge changes in your life! Through Life Coaching I can help you reach your full potential, even if you struggle to see it. I can help you reframe your negative self talk and release judgement.

Sometimes, we need a coach, mentor or friend to talk to, help us see what we can’t see, because we’re caught up in our heads or emotions, ask us questions and support us. I will be that person for you all rolled into one. I will guide you to your goals or equally if you don’t have a goal I can help you feel differently. My aim is to help you grow as a person, increase your confidence and realise your self-worth. I want you to look in the mirror with full confidence, knowing exactly who you are in the world, feeling how you want to feel and show up as true yourself.

Think of it like this, when you get your hair coloured, you go to a trained hairdresser. If you want to get in physically fit, you go to a PT. If your car breaks down you go to a mechanic. Just like these examples, Life Coaching and mentoring will help you find a solution to the problem/s you are facing in life. Charlotte can help you train your mind for a better quality of life.

Life Coaching is a journey of self-exploration and will be one of the best personal development investments you’ll ever make.

The results?

  • Confidence, self-worth and growth
  • Knowing who you are and what you want to do/be in life 
  • Living life with purpose and passion 
  • Managing your emotions better 
  • Clear and confident mindset 
  • Reframe negative self talk 
  • Improved performance 
  • Accountability 
  • Body acceptance 
  • Self-awareness
  • Gain clarity and control over your life  
  • Clear vision & goals 
  • Enjoying life with less anxiety, worry and fear

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How it works? 

My style is raw, real, and honest, helping you to become the best version of yourself. I use a blend of personal development tools and techniques, evocative questions, positive psychology, and strategies to help you recognise emotions and behaviours, that will enable you to take control, breakthrough blocks, and limiting beliefs. My down-to-earth nature will make you feel comfortable and relaxed, so that we can get to the bottom of what’s holding you back.

Work with me 1:1 for a personalised personal development plan or join my group coaching programs for an intimate coaching and mentoring experience. See all programs for more information.

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Charlotte is the right coach for you if you’re a

A Mum who wants more!

A woman with ambition

A woman who is ready to turn her pain into purpose

Charlotte will help you;

  • 1 Be the CEO of your life & your family
  • 2 Be a fabulous Mum but with more
  • 3 Find your purpose in life
  • 4 Create happiness and positivity in your life
  • 5 Increase your confidence
  • 6 Believe in yourself
  • 7 Reframe your negative thinking
  • 8 Live life not caring about what others think
  • 9 Have the courage to change career
  • 10 Set up a business or go after your goals
  • 11 Realise your self worth
  • 12 Find your identity
  • 13 Overcome blocks in your way
  • 14 Live life on your terms
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