Mom judgement is real: let’s discuss

Let’s stop judging other Mums based on their appearance. There’s a lot of Mum shaming and judgement online, we have enough stress trying to do right by our children, we don’t further stress. I’ve seen a lot of judgement from Mums judging other Mums for looking amazing & not sharing the ‘reality’ of motherhood online. It’s like you have to pick a side. Either you’re on team milf (mother I’d like to f*ck) or real life motherhood.

I need to talk about this, because i don’t feel it’s fair to judge a Mum based on what she looks like, even if she does look amazing after having 5 kids. Good for her! Let her celebrate that. At the end of the day, being a Mum is the hardest job in the world! It really is. But equally the most rewarding. Why are we judging someone based on appearance? She may be posting her looking fabulous, but how do you know her toddler hasn’t just had a tantrum in the street or her baby threw up on her this morning? Just because she doesn’t post herself online, with no makeup on, in her dressing gown before brushing her teeth (ahem yep that’s me), it doesn’t mean she’s not sharing her reality. We might be jealous that’s she’s had five kids & has a flat stomach, but should she be judged for it? I’m tired of seeing women penalise each other for looking a certain way! We need to celebrate each other more.

To the Mums who…

  • Prioritise what you wear & put your makeup on to feel like yourself
  • Who can’t even get dressed because they have a baby on their boob constantly
  • Stay in their dressing gown all day
  • Take cute Instagram pictures with their babies
  • Smile online, but doesn’t share what’s really going on
  • Have bounced back & look fucking amazing
  • Just about put their hair up, let alone do their makeup
  • Share the raw and real side of motherhood
  • Look fabulous on the school run & the others who wear socks & sandals

Be you! Don’t dampen your sparkle either to ‘fit in’ with the other Mums. There’s no side here. You’re all doing the best you can, with what you can do right now. It’s up to you how much you prioritise what you look like. We shouldn’t judge each other based on what we share or how we look. We’re parenting & that’s hard enough without the judgement. Motherhood is a rollercoaster. Some days I feel like a superwoman, I prioritise myself to feel good. Other days, I honestly want to stay in my PJs all day.